Gloss Enhancement starting at $300 & up

Eco Friendly wash to the exterior including wheels.
Light exterior polish to enhance gloss.
Lastly a paint protection is applied and will last up to 6 months!


Want more protection? Check out our Stage 1 Detail!

Stage 1 Exterior Detail $500 & Up

First, the exterior is  hand-washed and decontaminated with clay to ensure a smooth finish before moving to the next step.

Next, the vehicle is polished to take out light oxidizing and to create a glossy finish.

Lastly, we apply our 1-2 year coating to lock in the shine for a few years!

Stage 2 Detail starting at $1000 and up

The Stage 2 detail gets a little deeper into the paint -- allowing  the removal of heavier scratches and swirls.  The final product is vehicle paint with a near perfect finish.  This may be the best way to bring out the ultimate shine hidden in your vehicle’s paint.  Stage 2 Details include the same service the Stage 1 with the addition of a compounding step and a FREE window coating.

Because I want to provide the best experience to my clients, I prefer to see the vehicle in person to ensure that I can take the proper steps to measure the paintwork and do a test spot on the vehicle.  If the vehicle’s paint is too thin, a Stage 1 may be recommended instead.  The estimate is always free. This is a 2-7 day service!

Ceramic Coatings

Do you want a long lasting show room shine? Do you want a vehicle that is easy to keep clean and protected from the wear and tear of the elements? Getting a ceramic coating is for everyone. Not only does it boast and amazing shine but the durability surpasses traditional methods of protection like wax!

At Gear Head Detailing we are you ceramic coating specialists.   We have been installing ceramic coatings longer than anyone in the treasure valley. Our reach doesn’t just stop in Idaho. We have had customers come from up to 5 hours away to get their vehicles treated by us!

We keep it simple folks with 3 amazing coatings to choose from you are just a phone call away for the best paint protection your vehicle has ever had!

Owner's Pride : Our Top of The line Coating

Owner's Pride has a rich history in auto care. For over two decades and across two generations, Onwer's Pride has been at the forefront of protection technology for all types of vehicles. Founded by detailers who have worked for and within dealerships, body shops, and direct-to-consumer auto care studios. OP has never stopped listening to our clients, which means we've never stopped innovating our products and services.

Paint Protection Film

PPF is the inarguable, most durable and long-lasting option for paint protection on the market. If you want ultimate protection for your exterior paint then PPF is the way to go.
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Gear Head Detailing was established in early 2010. Over the years it has been molded into a high-class detailing operation. We provide services including: basic interior detailing, wet sanding, paint correction, and ceramic coatings. We also service RV's, boats, and side-by-sides! 


Every vehicle that comes in receives the utmost  care and attention to detail by one of our highly trained technicians. We understand how much our customer's vehicles mean to them, so we treat each vehicle as if it were our own. It is our mission to bring you the highest quality detailing and customer service.

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